Viscera (USA/HD/16mm/2014), Experimental, 9 min:

Viscera explores the aesthetic world of mental images. Saturated colors unveil our past. Shapes are blurry, lost in layers of thought. In circumscribed landscapes where characters are locked; everything is suspended. The memory of a woman merges with the slow pacing of the camera. Trees become cerebral ramified pathways that connect us with our most sacred emotions. A foreign radio transmission echoes inside our brain, bouncing from wall to wall as if in a stark white room. Two women are playing a peculiar game of silences. Inside that room, time runs out fast, and they are both projected into their common fantasy of death. Viscera is a phantasmagorical world containing syncopated stories. The geography of the human body becomes a map to navigate inside the viscera. Fumed sounds surround pieces of forgotten dreams. Viscera is a dispersed piece of human subconscious exploded into images.

*Official Selection CICA (South Korea)
*Official Selection Lucca Film Festival-Europacinema 2015 (Italy)
*Official Selection London Greek Film Festival 2014 (UK)

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CC-NC-ND 2014

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