16mm, DV TRT: 8:04, USA, 2018

The conversation—between sound and image, seasons come and gone, natural and altered landscapes, and an unseen man and woman—begins as a duet between a video diary and a field recording, and ends as an archive of the possibilities hibernating in each moment.

Two filmmakers set out to create an audio archive for possible use in future projects. She records ambient sounds, vocally annotating them with a brief description; he films the environments through which they pass. The time frame is indeterminate, but wintry branches stripped of their leaves give way to summer greenery, a rain-soaked stretch of highway yields to an overgrown lawn drenched in sunlight, observed by a motionless cat. The woods and rivers feel primeval, long predating the construction of an abandoned house that has fallen into ruin. A passing truck rumbles from the past through the present and into the future. Years later, will her outstretched arms still be reminiscent of the naked tree branches, the way they were that day? Will they discover missed clues about their future in the muffled sound of their footsteps and the footprints, single file then side-by-side, imprinted in the moss? In this archive of sound and image, love is a series of moments made sacred by the present. While nothing is resolved, perhaps in the hushed interplay between the woman and the man, between her sounds and his images, "the end and the beginning were always there." (T.S. Eliot, The Four Quartets)


• 32nd Instants Vidéo // Marseille (Friche la Belle de Mai), France // November 2019
• Oaxaca Filmfest // Oaxaca, Mexico // October 2019
• Film Crash Film Festival // Los Angeles, CA // October 2019
• 31st Girona Film Festival ~Experimental Art~ // Girona, Spain // September 2019
• Arizona Underground Film Festival // Tucson AZ // September 2019
• PLAY Semana de Videoarte // Corrientes, Argentina // September 2019
• LLAWN Festival // Llandudno, Wales // September 2019
• EFICE (Eneagrama Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental) // Córdoba, Argentina // September 2019
• Marienbad Film Festival // Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic // August 2019
• Syracuse University Art Galleries ~NOT A METRIC MATTERS~ //Syracuse, NY // August 15-November 24, 2019
• CineAutopsia, Bogota' Experimental Film Festival // Bogota', Colombia // August 2019
• London Experimental // London, UK // August 2019
• EXiS (Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul) // Seoul, South Korea // July 2019
• Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival // Seattle, WA // July 2019
-25 July 2019 (The Factory Luxe)
-26 July 2019 (The Factory Luxe)
-27 July 2019 (The Factory Luxe)
-28 July 2019 (The Factory Luxe)
• Revelation Perth International Film Festival ~Experimental Showcase~ // Perth, Australia // July 2019
-7 July 2019 (Luna Leederville)
-9 July 2019 (Luna Leederville)
-14 July 2019 (Luna Leederville)
• We Make Movies International Film Festival // Los Angeles, CA // July 2019
• Pugnant Film Series // Athens, Greece // July 2019
• Crossroads 10, SFMOMA // San Francisco, CA // June 2019
• FILMADRID // Madrid, Spain // June 2019
• Laterale Film Festival // Cosenza, Italy // June 2019
• 21st Moviate Underground Film Festival // Harrisburg, PA // May 2019
• Southern Cone International Film Festival // Valparaíso, Chile // May 2019
• 11th Magmart International Videoart Festival // Naples, Italy // May 2019
• London Greek Film Festival // London, UK // May 2019
• WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival // Houston, TX // April 2019 ★REMI AWARD, BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM★
• The Hazel Eye Film Festival // Nashville, TN // April 2019
• Ibrida Festival ~PERCEZIONI~ // Forli’, Italy // April 2019
• Lucca Film Festival & Europa Cinema // Lucca, Italy // April 2019
• Tallahassee Film Festival ~VISIONS~ // Tallahassee, FL // April 2019
• Passagem Videográfica ~Open Window Exhibition~ // São Paulo, Brazil // March 2019
• Denver Underground Film Festival // Denver, CO // March 2019
• Cineteca Universidad de Chile - Isla Magnética // Santiago, Chile // December 2018
• CinqueTerre FilmFest // Riomaggiore Castle, La Spezia, Italy // October 2018
• UWM Union Cinema - Save the Archives Film Festival // Milwaukee, WI // September 2018
Los Angeles Underground Film Forum //✩HONORABLE MENTION AWARD✩
Indie Visions //✩BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILM✩ [March 2019]
Cannes Short Film Corner
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market
Dumbo Film Festival // New York City, NY // March 2019 [selected]
Moscow Shorts // Moscow, Russia // December 2018 [selected]
[FilmArte Festival // Madrid, Spain // semi-finalist]


december 2016
marcola, oregon

recording 2.JPG

The title of Vasilios Papaioannu's latest film points in the same direction as some of the elements that make up his cinematic language: the double narrative temporality, the double dimension of the voice in the filmed diary (text and images are interwoven with the voice-over by Emma Piper-Burket and the landscape of the field recordings) or the double polarity of the paradoxical. The poetics of Two translates the systole and diastole of TS Eliot's verse into audiovisual forms: "The end and the beginning were always there".

Ramon Del Buey, FILMADRID

“Two” is a dance of two people speaking different languages which intertwine in the cinema frame, pushing it towards its extreme possibilities. Not only that, their dialogue is purely cinematic to the extent that the signals they send to each other are fully realized only on the film, in the presence of the numerous audiovisual components that cinema can offer.


Long walks into the woods of Oregon, recording nature’s voice for an imaginary future project. Soundscapes of reality. Some rain. Water. Echoes. A dead cat. (Patsy I miss you 😔). An imaginary future project. Maybe. Or even hidden treasures in a thrift store, somewhere in New York. Dusty old super 8 rolls; family moments that are long gone. Dreams from the past. Audio. Or image. Doesn’t matter, really. It can be a start. A middle. An end. A possibility.