Vasilios Papaioannu is a filmmaker, photographer and mixed media artist currently based in Syracuse, New York. In his work Papaioannu explores the fleeting dreamscapes of reality using noise, movement and disturbance. He hybridizes different modes of filmmaking, unifying variegated media, primarily 16mm film, digital video and archival footage. His works have been shown in various venues around the world, such as Crossroads at SFMOMA, Anthology Film Archives, EXiS, FILMADRID, IBAFF, Montreal Underground Film Festival, Athens Digital Arts Festival, CICA Museum and Sharjah Film Platform. Papaioannu holds an MA in Communication, Text Semiotics and Cinema from the University of Siena in Italy and an MFA in Film and Cinematography from Syracuse University in New York. Papaioannu is currently an Assistant Teaching Professor at the Department of Transmedia, Film, in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University.


64th Cork Film Festival // Cork, Ireland // November
32nd Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques // Marseille (Friche la Belle de Mai), France // November
Syracuse International Film Festival // Syracuse, NY // October
Film Crash Film Festival // Los Angeles, CA // October
NewFilmmakers NY // Anthology Film Archives, New York City, NY // October
Oaxaca Filmfest // Oaxaca, Mexico // October
Bolton Film Festival // Bolton, UK // September 2019
31st Girona Film Festival ~Experimental Art~ // Girona, Spain // September
Arizona Underground Film Festival // Tucson AZ // September
Move Cine Arte, Museum of Image and Sound // São Paulo, Brazil // September
PLAY Semana de Videoarte // Corrientes, Argentina // September
LLAWN Festival // Llandudno, Wales // September
EFICE (Eneagrama Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental) // Córdoba, Argentina // September
Marienbad Film Festival // Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic // August
Syracuse University Art Galleries ~NOT A METRIC MATTERS~ //Syracuse, NY // August 15-November 24
CineAutopsia, Bogota' Experimental Film Festival // Bogota', Colombia // August
London Experimental // London, UK // August
EXiS (Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul) // Seoul , South Korea // July
Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival // Seattle, WA // July
Revelation Perth International Film Festival ~Experimental Showcase~ // Perth, Australia // July
We Make Movies International Film Festival // Los Angeles, CA // July
Pugnant Film Series // Athens, Greece // July
Crossroads 10, SFMOMA // San Francisco, CA // June
FILMADRID // Madrid, Spain // June
Laterale Film Festival // Cosenza, Italy // June
Walthamstow International Film Festival // Walthamstow, UK // June
Moviate Underground Film Festival // Harrisburg, PA // May
London Greek Film Festival // London, UK // May
Braziers Mini Indi Film Festival ~OBSERVED ECOLOGIES~ // Oxfordshire, UK // May
15th Athens Digital Arts Festival // Athens, Greece // May
NewFilmmakers NY, Anthology Film Archives // New York City, NY // May
Southern Cone International Film Festival // Valparaíso, Chile // May
11th Magmart International Videoart Festival // Naples, Italy // May
WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival // Houston, TX // April
The Hazel Eye Film Festival // Nashville, TN // April
Ibrida Festival ~PERCEZIONI~ // Forli’, Italy // April
Santa Cruz International Film Festival // Santa Cruz, Argentina // April
Lucca Film Festival & Europa Cinema // Lucca, Italy // April
Tallahassee Film Festival ~VISIONS~ // Tallahassee, FL // April
MicroActs & GUISE Collective curated program ~ANALOGUE FUTURES~ // London, UK // April
Passagem Videográfica ~Open Window Exhibition~ // São Paulo, Brazil // March
Denver Underground Film Festival // Denver, CO // March
WAV Venice Audio-Visual Show // Venice, Italy // February
Sharjah Film Platform - Sharjah Foundation //  Sharjah, UAE // January

Moscow Shorts // Moscow, Russia // December
7th International Video Poetry Festival // Athens, Greece // December
Cineteca Universidad de Chile - Isla Magnética // Santiago, Chile // December
ULTRAcinema // Xalapa, Mexico // November
CICA Museum, Contemporary Landscape // Gimpo, South Korea // November
CinqueTerre FilmFest // Riomaggiore Castle, La Spezia, Italy // October
Drunken Film Festival // Oakland, CA // October
Exchange Gallery // Bloomsburg, PA // September-November
UWM Union Cinema - Save the Archives Film Festival // Milwaukee, WI // September
Unseen Festival // Denver, CO // September
Twisted Oyster Film Festival // Chicago, IL // July
Casoria Contemporary Art Museum // Naples, Italy // July-October
Moviate Underground Film Festival // Harrisburg, PA // May
London Greek Film Festival// London, UK // May
AXW, Anthology Film Archives // New York City, NY // April
The West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival // Morgantown, WV // April
Lucca Film Festival e Europa Cinema // Lucca, Italy // April
IBAFF Festival Internacional de Cine de Murcia // Murcia, Spain // March
aDifferent Film Festival // Milwaukee, WI // February 

London Experimental // London, UK // December  
10th Magmart International Videoart Festival //Naples, Italy // November
Syracuse International Film Festival // Syracuse, NY// October
Great Lakes International Shorts Festival // Erie, PA // October
7th Greek Film Festival Chicago // Chicago, IL // September
Oregon Independent Film Festival // Portland, OR // September
35th Long Island Film Festival // Long Island, NY // August
CICA // Gimpo, South Korea // August
CICA // Gimpo, South Korea // June
FeelTheReel International Film Festival // Glasgow, UK // June
Festival de Cine de Portoviejo // Portoviejo, Ecuador // June
10th London Greek Film Festival // London, UK // May
19th Moviate Underground Film Festival // Harrisburg, PA// May
CICA // Gimpo, South Korea // February 

Oregon Independent Film Festival // Eugene, OR // September
Rivne House of Culture // Rivne, Ukraine, September ( IVAHM'16 on Tour)
11th Montreal Underground Film Festival // Montreal, Canada // May
12th Athens Digital Arts Festival // Athens, Greece // May
3rd International Festival of Experimental Video PROCESO DE ERROR // Valparaíso, Chile // May
9th London Greek Film Festival // London, UK // May
IVAHM'16 // Madrid, Spain // May
8th Leiden International Short Film Experience // Leiden, Netherlands // April  
CineAutopsia, Bogota' Experimental Film Festival // Bogota', Colombia // April
Syracuse International Film Festival // Syracuse, NY // April

Pori Film Festival, POFF // Pori, Finland // November
Fuse Factory Electronic and Digital Arts Lab, Ohio State University // Columbus, OH // September
Lucca Film Festival-Europacinema // Lucca, Italy // March
Cultural Center of Kalamata // Kalamata, Greece // March

8th London Greek Film Festival // London, UK // October

Miden Video Art Festival 2013 // Kalamata, Greece // July

7th London Greek Film Festival // London, UK // October
J & J Gallery // Syracuse, NY // May (preview)
Dumbo Arts Center // Brooklyn, NY // May
Syracuse University Art Gallery // Syracuse, NY // April

XL Projects // Syracuse, NY // March (preview)