N.00090007 (USA/Greece/HD/2016), Experimental, 3 min:

A violent detonation of colors peacefully settles into a liquid cosmos, blurring the boundary between macro and micro. An unknown point of view captures nebulous glints, rays of eternal beauty in rapid succession. Water is a capsule that filters and transforms solid form into a primordial scream of echoed life. Energy is performing. Light, cracked into minuscule particles of glittery matter nurtures the cornea with disturbance. Motion is endless, constant. Motion is the transference of darkness into light. Form is reborn through applied mathematical functions transforming the content into an alter ego of itself. Digitization dies and becomes an impression.

*Official Selection London Experimental (UK)
*Official Selection 19th Moviate Underground Film Festival (USA)
*Official Selection 9th London Greek Film Festival (UK)
*Official Selection IVAHM'16 (Spain)
*Official selection Syracuse International Film Festival (Spring Festival 2016) (USA)

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