UWM Moving Image Society

⭐️Premiere of my new project "Two"//University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee⭐️

My new project Two will premiere this upcoming Thursday 5pm at the University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee Union Cinema) hosted by the UWM Moving Image Society.

The screening will benefit the UWM Film Studies Moving Image Archive, a collection of classic, experimental, educational, and orphan 16mm films. "Two" was shot using various media, primarily 16mm and MiniDv but also Super 8, 35mm and 120mm film. The venue is free and showcases amazing experimental work. Please come and support!

Filming the present using media from the past helps me understand where I am and where I will be. History is important in all its manifestations, especially now.

The audio recording and the voice that we hear throughout parts of the movie is by the wonderful filmmaker Emma Piper-Burket. Thank you! 

"Two filmmakers set out to create an audio archive for possible use in future projects. She records ambient sounds, vocally annotating them with a brief description; he films the environments through which they pass."


Still from   Two

Still from Two